Day 55 #100DaysOfSelfLove

Giveaway time!! 

My dear friend Diana Giovinazzo Tierney of Wine, Women and Words podcast is sharing with us not only her definition of self-love but also some of my fav swag (a mug and tea... if you don't know, I'm obsessed with tea... now you know). Head over to my Instagram or Facebook for details on how to enter to win. Winner chosen at random on 11/28/18 at 12pm PST.

"Because I have a tendency to give so much of myself to others, my version of self love is to slow down and do something that I deem as selfish. Whether it's reading a book, or taking myself out to dinner, i take the time to enjoy being on my own." - Diana

Day 54 #100DaysOfSelfLove

A big part of my self-love journey was to acknowledge signs. The universe is ALWAYS trying to tell us sometime... and will keep trying to tell us until we get it. When synchronicities happen, I never think it’s just a coincident (I don't believe in coincidences)... I take it as a sign from the universe, showing me that I’m on the right path. Are you having “coincidences” happen frequently? Are you paying attention to them? Don’t discredit them... they’re messages for you.


Day 53 #100DaysOfSelfLove

My core definition of self-love is knowing yourself, your identity. When you start to learn who you truly are, a funny thing happens – you can no longer live in falsehood. You become your most authentic self.


Day 52 #100DaysOfSelfLove

Since we are made of energy, we are always in a vibration (ranging from low to high). When our thoughts are negative, we are in a low vibration. When our thoughts are positive, we are in a high vibration. Our thoughts control our vibration. Part of self-love is controlling our thoughts so that we vibe high.