Heather Colleen Reinhardt
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I love myself. I want you to love yourself, too.


Self-Love Aficionado

An aficionado is a person very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a subject. I couldn't think of a better word to describe me and my relationship with self-love. 

What does it mean to love oneself? This is a question I have repeated often over the last few years. We all have varied answers on what self-love is, as each of us has drastically different lives, tastes and abilities. While self-love is going to look different for everyone, what all people who love themselves have in common is that they made the choice to do so. 

I define self-love as making a series of personal strong choices. One must own everything about themselves—take full responsibility for their thoughts, choices, words, actions, moods, and previous ways of dealing with situations. Some of these past moments from your life may be embarrassing or shameful to admit and cop to, but someone who loves themselves takes full ownership of all of their choices. Self-love is a righteous knowing of oneself, one’s identity. To get down to one’s true identity, often times we have to shed off layers that don’t serve us—we have to change, growing into a better version of ourselves. Self-love isn’t just another form of self-development, it goes far deeper than that; it’s soul development.

Why is self-love important? Because self-love supports you during your struggles.

When you love yourself, you don’t judge yourself. When you stop judging yourself, you stop judging others. If we stopped judging ourselves, and therefor others, self-love becomes the cure for much of our society’s issues.

I love myself. And, I want you to really love yourself, too. My mission is to make sure as many people as possible have the proper tools to cultivate self-love. Are you ready to open your toolbox and #liveyourbestlife? 


Go Love Yourself

Pre-Order Go Love Yourself

Heather’s debut book, Go Love Yourself, will be released April 23. Pre-order your paperback copy now! Price includes shipping in the US. If you’re located elsewhere, please contact info@heather-reinhardt.com to discuss shipping options.

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Affirmation Candles

When I first began my self-love journey…

I created a daily ritual of speaking positive affirmations out loud. But I eventually realized that I needed a way to make these affirmations more tangible, to get them out of my head and into reality. I thought that if I added a physical action to the affirmation, it would increase the energy behind my intention and help manifest my desires more quickly into my life. So I began to light candles as I said my affirmations aloud.

I found this new routine of combining an intention with a simple action exceptionally powerful. I was seeing my intentions coming to fruition. My favorite affirmations begin with I am, I can, and I will. These phrases reinforce self-worth and build self-confidence. I created Affirmation Candles so that you, too, can light up your intentions and manifest the life of your dreams. Affirmation Candles are hand poured at Light 4 Life Cause, where they provide jobs for adults with disabilities. Your purchase not only empowers you, it empowers others.

Light an Affirmation Candle and light up your life.

Download your free affirmation prompts.


Self-Love Jewelry

The infinity symbol is my favorite reminder that our thoughts, actions, patterns, and practices are always on repeat, looping around and around. I wear an infinity symbol necklace daily as a reminder that my thoughts and actions create my experiences. When I put on my necklace, I’m reminded to keep my thoughts positive, my actions integral, and be mindful of my patterns and practices.

In collaboration with Tova Malibu, I created a self-love jewelry line featuring the infinity symbol so that you, too, can wear as a sign of your self-love.


While one may not initially think self-love and luxury art and real estate go hand-in-hand, I beg to differ. We’ve been working with Heather as one of our go-to influencers and have found that there are plenty of similarities between our brand and hers. We thoroughly enjoy Heather’s unique perspective on how luxury is an experience, not a price point.
— Nikki Bell, Marketing Director, Ocean Sotheby’s International Realty